To protect you and the community, and to comply with the government’s COVID Safety requirements, we have a set of rules to mitigate health risks during your visit to our premises.

1. Prior to 15 December 2021, only double vaccinated guests can visit our premises. Please make an appointment with our team before your visit.

2. All visitors must register their contact details via QR code, and present their vaccination certificate before entering the premises of DeLovely.

3. All visitors attending in-person classes or consultation sessions must wear face masks at all time.

4. Facilities are available for visitors to wash and sanitize their hands whenever needed.

5. If any visitor or staff member shows symptoms or has had close contact with someone who is required to be quarantined due to Covid-19 risks, please inform us immediately to re-organize an appropriate visit time.

For more information on Covid-19, please visit Department of Health website.

For the latest updates and medical advice on Covid-19 in NSW, please visit Health NSW website.

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