COVID Safe Rules

In compliance with the government’s requirements, we have a set of rules to mitigate health risks and protect our students and teachers during the classes.

1. All visiting students must register their contact details before a class.

2. We will check the body temperature of the teacher and students before the class starts using a contactless thermometer.

3. The teacher is required to wear a face mask during the class.

4. From 1 September, students attending in-person classes must wear face masks; and we are happy to provide face masks for students to use in the classroom.

5. We will provide facilities for students and teachers to wash their hands whenever needed.

6. If any student or teacher shows symptoms or has had close contact with someone who is required to be quarantined due to Covid-19 risks, please inform the school immediately to re-organize the class time.

For more information on Covid-19, please visit Department of Health website.

For the latest updates and medical advice on Covid-19 in NSW, please visit Health NSW website.